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Art Club/National Art Honor Society
Instructor: Ms. Hierholzer   
The Art Club and National Art Honor Society Chapter 1812 are sponsored by the ECHS art department. Any ECHS student can be an Art Club member whether he or she is in an art classes or not. To become a National Art Honor Society member or NAHS, students must have completed one high school art class with an A or B average.  Art Club and NAHS members participate in a variety of art-related activities, including Chalk It Up, Homecoming, VASE, museum trips and facepainting.  NAHS members complete art-related service for the school and community, participate in fundraisers and must also be members of Art Club. To become a member or either organization, fill out an application.  Art Club dues are $5, and NAHS dues are also $5.   

Meetings for both organizations are on Wednesday mornings at 8 am in room 2106. Come see what art club is all about!  

2014-2015 Art Club Officers                                               2014-2015 NAHS Officers

President: Christiana Puente                                             President:  Carlos Marroquin
Vice President:  Austin Cantu                                           Vice President: Edward Pesina
Treasurer:  Joanna Sierra                                                  Treasurer:  Abigail Reus
Secretary:  Brittany Woodbury                                          Secretary:  Christiana Puente
Historian:  Cassandria Alvarado & Allyson Croom               Reporters:  Jazmin Suarez
State VASE 2015
Congratulations to the following students who advanced to the State Visual Art Scholastic Event in Dallas, Texas. Christiana Puente, Josiah Sanchez, Daniela Mendez, Oscar Melendez, Olivia Villalpando, Juan Flores, Ricardo Sanchez, Jacob Ramzinski, Bailey Lowak, Eric Davila, Abigail Jendrusch, Daniel Quintanilla, Marc Grandlund, Krystal Zigmond, and Rachel Parker.
Big Art Day 2015
Big Art Day is an art happening sponsored by the Texas Art Education Association to kickoff national Youth Art Month and raise awareness of art education and art as a creative force in our communities on a BIG statewide and national scale. Special art events will be happening all over the state.
For Big Art Day, East Central High School Art Club and National Art Honor Society unveiled a special collaborative work of art involving 216 student artworks. This work highlights the East Central Art community and many of the people important to it.
ECHS Artist of the Month
Congratulations to Krystal Zigmond for being selected as East Central High School's October Artist of the Month. Krystal's work was selected by the ECHS administration team to be on display outside the principal's office for the month of October. Others students' works selected to be on display throughout the office include Kyle Mejia, Coral Venegas Rodriguez, Yeritzia Sat, Marqui Pearson, Rachel Majeno, Richard Speegle and Brittney Woodbury. See our slideshow.
TASA/TASB Convention Art Exhibition
Five East Central ISD student artists were selected to be in the Texas Association of School Administrators/Texas Association of School Boards convention in Dallas. These students' works were on display Sept. 24 and 25 at this important event. Students selected were Hailey of Oak Crest Intermediate, Beya Valenzuela of Heritage Middle School and Catherine Mergele, Abigail Jendrusch and Krystal Zigmond of East Central High School. See the slideshow of their works. Superintendent, Mr. Toscano and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Birney were at the convention to view the works.
Superintendent Student of the Month
Congratulations to Christiana Puente, AP art student and Art Club president. She was selected as September's Superintendent of the Month student. We are so proud of Christiana and her accomplishment!
Homecoming/Chalk It Up
Last week was a busy time for ECHS Art Club/NAHS students. Besides providing facepainting for homecoming and creating the homecoming run-through poster, students also participated in the 11th annual Chalk It Up festival on downtown Houston street. Art Club and National Art Honor Society members created 2 Teamworks chalk murals. The first mural designed by senior, Jazmin Suarez was a tribute to Robin Williams and his famous quote, "You're only given a little spark of madness, so you mustn't lose it." The second mural was designed by senior, Christiana Puente titled, "Art is Awesome" gives tribute to five famous artists as Legos.
PTA Reflections
EXPRESS YOUR CREATIVITY! Every year, our PTSA recognizes the hard work and creativity of our students. This year's theme is "The world would be a better place if..." Students can respond to this theme through literature, film production, dance choreography, musical composition, photography and visual arts.
Rules and guidelines can be found at . Pick up an entry form and turn in work to the ECHS library or any art teacher (rooms 2105, 2106, 2127 & 2128).
Artists at Constitutional Cafe
ECHS Art Students participated in the Constitutional Cafe at KLRN on Sept. 17. Four students, junior, Abigail Jendrusch, seniors, Christiana Puente and Courtney Velasquez, and ECHS 2014 graduate, Marvin Davis created original works on site while listening to discussions at this event. They had approximately an hour to respond in a visual work to the question, "Do corporations have the same rights as individuals?" See our slideshow on this page.
Art Cafe
Art Cafe is Thur. Come meet other EC artists & make art for class, portfolio, contests afterschool 4:15 to 6 pm in the art rooms. Light snacks provided.
Weekly Meetings
Welcome to the ECHS Art Club and NAHS. Remember we have meetings every Wednesday morning at 8:15 am in room 2106. See you there! T-shirts are available for $11 for a limited time. See any art teacher to purchase.
ECHS Student Honor at Governor's Youth Art Exhibition
 ECHS junior, Bailey Lowak, was selected to be part of the annual Youth Art Month Governor's Exhibition at the Texas State Capital.  Bailey's multi-colored reduction print, titled "You Gonna Eat That?" was on display at the capital during March with other artist pre-K to 12 from all over the state, OnMarch 8, she was honored in a reception at the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin.
State VASE 2014
Twenty ECHS art, photography and animation students competed at the 20th Annual State Visual Art Event in Bryan, Texas.   A slideshow of all works is available on the ECHS Art Club/NAHS site.
All-State Medallists receiving Exemplary ratings were Addaline Alvarez, Dru Bergeron, Mystical Casares, Olivia Corona, Kimberley Gonzalez. Abigail Jendrusch, Gage Juarez, Jessica Kosub, Izabella Leal, Shane Phelan, Johnna Pieniazek, Gracie Price and Alex Zavala.
Johnna Pieniazek and Shane Phelan received top honors by being selected as Gold Seal recipients. Their works will be part of a travelling exhibit of the top VASE works, that will be on display for the next year at a variety of sites, like the Glassell Junior School in Houston, Texas Education Agency in Austin and the Texas Art Education Association conference in San Antonio.  Shane's work is a animated video that can be viewed at .
Students receiving excellent and superior ratings were Shelby Benner, Dru Bergeron, Olivia Corona, Gianna Galan, Bailey Lowak, Melissa Luna, Estefany Mora-Zapata, Johnna Pieniazek, Olivia Villalpando, Krystal Zigmond.
Big Art Day--Miniature Art Museum
 In honor of TAEA's 1st Annual Big Art Day, East Central art students were selected to receive a Miniature Art Museum experience by Spare Parts of San Antonio.  Students viewed a curriated show of local artists' miniature works.  Then students created their own miniature works.  All ECHS art classes participated and created works for our own musuem.  Works will be on display in the library March 17 to 21.
Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
 Twenty-five ECHS art students were recognized in the 2014 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards with 31 honorable mention, Silver Key and Gold Key awards.  The Gold Key recipients will advance to the National event in New York in January.  Both Silver and Gold Key recipients will be honored in an awards ceremony and exhibition at SaySi, January 24, 2014.  The exhibit will run from January 24 to February 15.  See the slideshow below of all ECHS winners.
Honorable Mention winners are:
Aldrin Deniel Alon-Alon, Addaline Alvarez, Katheryn Bernal, Olivia Corona, Allyson Croom, Marvin Davis (2 individual artworks and Art portfolio), Victoria Fancki, Devin Gonzales, Kimberly Gonzalez, Valerie Lamm, Jordan Lemons, Shauna Lenberg, Estefany Mora Zapata, Grace Price (2 individual artworks), Christiana Puente, Leeann Sanchez and Brittany Woodbury.
Silver Key winners are:
Dru Bergeron (1 individual artwork and Art portfolio), Olivia Corona, Shaina Franckowiak, Abigail Jendrusch, Bailey Lowak, Miranda Mejia (Art Portfolio), Joanna Sierra.
Gold Key winners who will advance to National event:
Abigail Jendrusch (2 individual artworks)
Rachel Parker
Alex Zavala 
SAMA Field Trip
 Art Club and NAHS members who have paid dues and have good attendance to meetings qualify to go on the San Antonio Museum of Art field trip to the "Leathal Beauty-Samurai" exhibit.  We will go on Tuesday, Dec. 17 from 4:30 to 8:30 pm.  Please attend the meetings on Nov. 20 and Dec. 4 and 11 if you plan on attending.
Chalk It Up 2013
 ECHS Art Club and National Art Honor Society members participated in the 10th Annual Chalk It Up event hosted by ArtPace.  These students created 2 chalk murals downtown on Houston Street. The designs were created by senior, Dru Bergeron, and junior, Christiana Puente. Students who participated were Cassandria Alvarado, Katheryn Bernal, Anjelica Chase, Alison Croom, Marvin Davis, Raven Donally, Hope Flores, Daniella Figeroa, Charles Gonzales, Devin Gonzales, Kimberly Gonzalez, Yesenia Herrera, Matt Hunker, Valerie Lamm, Melissa Luna, Samantha Mann, Ariana Marroquin, Matt Mesa, Rachel Parker, Clarissa Saucedo, Joanne Sierra, Desiree Silva, Myra Villarreal, Brittany Woodbury, Alex Zavala. 

Homecoming Crash Poster 2013
ECHS senior art student, Marvin Davis, designed this year's Homecoming crash poster.  The poster was painted by art club members: Katheryn Bernal, Dru Bergeron, Jessica Kosub, Rachel Parker, Alex Zavala, Alex Machuca, Hannah Witherspoon, Christina Celestino, Raven Donally, Hope Flores, Christina Puente, Devin Gonzales, Courtney Velasquez, Clarissa Saucedo, Matthew Hunker, Lazaro Ozuna, and Kimberly Gonzales.
Join the ECHS Art Club!
 Applications for membership in the Art Club are now being accepted in rooms 2105, 2106, 2127 and 2128.  Pick up an application from any art teacher.  The first meeting will be the 2nd week of school on Wednesday morning, 8 am in room 2106.  Club activities included Chalk It Up, Art Museum trips, Crash Posters, Facepainting, Scholastic Art and VASE.  Be a part of the most exciting organization on campus!!
State VASE
 Thirteen ECHS artists advanced to the state Visual Art Scholastic Event at Bryan High School this past Saturday.  Nine students received state medals and the other 4 students received excellent ratings.  State medalists are Marvin Davis, Saul Guevara, Alexandria Martinez, Claudia Morales, Johnna Pieniazek, Alexis Pratt, Christiana Puente, Manuel Rodriquez, and Alex Zavala.  Juniors, Katheryn Bernal, Katy Felty, Nia Jaramillo and Clarissa Saucedo received ratings of excellence for their works.  This is Saul's second year to receive a state medal.  Freshmen, Johnna Pieniazek and Manuel Rodriquez competed in Division 2, where freshmen usually compete in a lower division.  We are so proud of these students' commitment to their work and their successes.  Please congratulate these students when you see them. Their work will be on display in the high school library this next week.
Region 20E VASE
 One hundred and thirty ECHS artists competed in the Region 20E Visual Art Scholastic Event on February 23.  

The following students received awards of excellence:  Jacqueline Dorton, Juliana Escalante, Violet Gonzales, Kimberly Gonzalez, Austin Fellors, Abigail Jendrusch, Melissa Luna, Samantha Olvera, Rebecca Salas, Joanna Sierra, Wesley Townsend, Naomi Villarreal

The following student received Superior awards and advanced to the Area competition: 
Ricardo Almaguer (x 2), Michelle Behrends (x 2), Dru Bergeron (x 2), Katheryn Bernal (x 2), Anna Cervera, Anjelica Chase (x 2), Andre Clay, Brandy Cordona, Olivia Corona, Lucille Coronado (x 2), Rylee Criswell (x 2), Allyson Croom (x 2), Marvin Davis (x 2), Courtney Delgado, Raven Donally, Jacqueline Dorton, Juliana Escalante, Victoria Fancki, Katy Felty, Cassandra Garcia (x 2), Matthew Garza, Devin Gonzales, Dillon Gonzales, Fantasia Gonzalez, Kimberly Gonzalez, Saul Guevara (x 2), Alissa Hernandez (x 2), Antonio Hernandez, Yesenia Herrera, Matthew Hunker, Nia Jaramillo (x 2), Abigail Jendrusch, Gage Juarez, Allison Kelly, Phillip Knowles, Valerie Lamm (x 2), Rene Lopez (x 2), Bailey Lowak, Hannah Mach (x 2), Ariana Marroquin, Alexandria Martinez (x 2), Tiffany Mcdougal (x 2), Miranda Mejia (x 2), Valeria Mesa (x 2), Emily Miller, Claudia Morales (x 2), Evan Moreno, Jessika Murphy (x 2), Samantha Olvera, Clarissa Ortiz, Savannah Perez (x 2), Johnna Pieniazek, Tristien Polasek, Alexis Pratt (x 2), Christiana Puente (x 2), Brittany Ramos, Jacob Raminski, Paulie Ramirez, Stephen Ratliff (x 2), Amber Recio (x 2), Trevor Reddick (x 2), Sterling Reynolds, Marco Rivera (x 2), Manuel Rodriguez, Lauren Ruiz, Rebecca Salas, Miranda Salazar, Alejandrina Sanchez (x 2), Clarissa Saucedo (x 2), Ashley Smith (x 2), Brooke Strowd, Wesley Townsend, Melissa Trevino (x 2), Bria Valadez (x 2), Courtney Velasquez (x 2), Myra Villarreal (x 2), Marcelina Weaver (x 2), Trevon Winn, Brittany Woodbury, Alex Zavala .
Superhero Exhibit
 ECHS, Oak Crest and Salado Intermediate students competed in the 22 Annual Superhero Show this past weekend at the Centro Cultural Atzlan Gallery.   The theme was “Super Heroes”, and students could enter work that expressed the student's own definition of a "Hero."  Awards were given by grade level and ECISD students nearly swept all grade categories that they were entered.

Oak Crest 5th grader, Kevin Rodriguez won 1st place and Caleb Mejia won 2nd place, also from Oak Crest.  ECHS 9th grade students, Fantasia Gonzales and Abbigail Jendrusch won 1st and 2nd place.  Christiana Puente and Bailey Lowak received 1st and 2nd place in the 10th grade category.  Junior, Clarissa Saucedo and senior, Alissa Hernandez both won 1st place in their categories.
ECHS Artists Excel at Regional, State and National
 ECHS art students are continuing to represent the district proudly.  Three students have recently won individual honors in different events.
Senior Lucille Coronado has won 3rd Place in the annual Fiesta Battle of the Bands Cover Design Contest.  She placed third out of over 400 entries and will be honored in a ceremony at the San Antonio Garden Center this Sunday.
Sophomore Samantha Mann was selected to have her artwork in the Governor's Youth Art Month exhibition at the Texas State Capital--ground floor Rotunda.  This exhibit showcases Pre-K through 12th grade works of art from across the state of Texas.  Only about 50 districts had work selected.
Senior Rene Lopez received a national Silver Key award at the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.  He is one of only 7 San Antonio students to receive national recognition.  Rene created and is stilling creating a fashion line of Bow Ties, called "Standing Ovation", and will be honored in a ceremony at Carnegie Hall in New York on May 31.  In the future, we will most likely here more about his collections as Rene will be continuing his studies at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California.
ECHS Artist receives Congressional honor
 East Central HS freshman and Drawing 2 student, Venancia A., was selected as the 2013 winner of the Congressional Art Competition for Congressional District 28.  Congressman, Henry Cuellar is the representative of this district, which takes in McAllen, Laredo, southeast San Antonio and Seguin.  The Congressional Art competition is held annually and is a unique opportunity in which a US Congressman or Congresswoman is able to showcase the artistic talents of high school students within his/her district.

Venancia was surprised with this honor last week by her principal, Mr. Toscano and Mr. Pete Arguello from Representative Cuellar's office.  She was recognized at an awards ceremony in Washington, DC.  Her artwork has been professionally framed and will be on displayed for one year near the entrance to the U.S. Capitol which is traveled on a daily basis by members of Congress.  This is the second consecutive year that an East Central HS art student was selected to represent District 28.  Venancia's work will be replacing last year's winner, ECHS 2012 graduate, Jose Lopez's work.

TAEA TASB Exhibition
Congratulations to ECHS students, Hannah Rosales, Bailey Lowak and Raelynn Busselmann whose artworks were selected to be part of the 2012 Texas Association of School Board Exhibition hosted by the Texas Art Educators Association. Their artworks were on display at the TASB conference in Austin, Sept. 28 to 30.
Homecoming Crash Poster

ECHS art club members continued the longstanding crash poster tradition at this year's Homecoming game. What is unique about the ECHS tradition is that the posters are full size completely painted murals and they only show positive spirit for East Central, never mentioning the other team. This year's poster was designed and drawn by senior, Shelby Criswell. The following art club members painted the poster: Alyson Croom, Serrice Hernandez, Katheryn Bernal, Devin Gonzales, Christiana Puente, Joseph Gonzales, Victoria Salazar, Melissa Luna, Savannah Perez, Greta Hons, Bria Valadez, Rochelle Stanley, Jessica Molina, Nathan Cortez, Mikayla Johnson, Kyle Rylance and Naomi Ruiz. For the first time, art club members also served as the crew for display--these students included Iliana Chavez, Erica Estrada, Zachary Avila, Edgar Sanchez, Korina Williams, Nathan Cortez, Michael Silva, Bria Valadez, Savannah Perez, Claudia Morales, Katheryn Bernal, Victoria Salazar, Joseph Gonzales, Marvin Davis and Kimberly Gonzalez.

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